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Afriforum says approximately $48 million was laundered from the Bank of Botswana via international accounts and distributed to banks in South Africa.

According to the organisation, the money-laundering case involves high-profile politicians in South Africa, including Bridgette Motsepe-Radebe.

Advocate Gerrie Nel, who leads the organisation’s private prosecution unit, was appointed officially by the Botswana government and its director of public prosecutions (DPP), Stephen Tiroyakgosi to represent South Africa and assist in the case on Tuesday along with advocate Phyllis Vorster of Afriforum.

During a media briefing, Nel said the brief on the case from the DPP was to facilitate developments relating to a request for mutual legal assistance in the Bank of Botswana case.

“This particular request was personally handed over to the head of the international cooperation unit in Mr Tiroyakgosi’s office to the designated officials at the department of international relations and cooperation (Dirco) on 19 September 2019, but this request has since disappeared for convenience,” he said.

Nel said the DPP was denied to access to accounts by banks in South Africa to seek information for the investigation despite obtaining a court order.

“During a bail application by the accused in this matter, the South African banks agreed to furnish letters to an individual without a warrant, that indicated certain accounts didn’t exist. The banks didn’t assist law enforcement in Botswana, but issued letters to this individual which will also be investigated.


Source: Over $48m distributed to SA banks in Botswana money-laundering case – The Citizen

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