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Working from home is not a new concept. Many employees have been working remotely for the past few years, and the vast majority have managed to do so without falling victim to a craftily-worded phishing attempt or downloading credential-stealing malware onto our devices.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that wasn’t the case. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic began and employees across the globe were forced to adopt this supposedly ‘new’ way of working, our inboxes have been stuffed-full of emails warning about the “devastating” security risks associated with remote working, and how woefully unprepared organisations were to manage this “unprecedented” shift.

It’s tiresome, and simply isn’t the reality. Admittedly, there will be some sectors and industries that are perhaps not as well-prepared as others, such as construction and hospitality, but the majority of businesses were well-placed to deal with the transition to a fully remote workforce, particularly from a cyber security point of view.


Source: Why remote working isn’t a cyber security risk | IT PRO

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