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There are many global threats facing the world today. The most serious in everybody’s mind is the coronavirus pandemic with 200,000 dead in the United States alone and spreading. It is a cause of shock and realization that we humans, for all our economic, military and medical power, are very weak and vulnerable to the invisible virus that has invaded our world, our communities, our families and our bodies. Some nations have had success in controlling it; others have failed through incompetence and corruption.

Martha, who had a cheerful, happy-go-lucky personality was a healthy mother of four. On a recent Saturday evening, she forgot herself and went to a house party with friends to celebrate a birthday. She ignored precautions, as did others, and wrongly believed it wouldn’t touch her. But it did. By Friday, she was wracked with strong coughs, symptoms of fever and reactions. She was rushed to the overcrowded hospital. There, in painful convulsions, Martha struggled and gasped for breath, isolated from family. Only the nurse, dressed in blue plastic, went to help her. It was no use; Martha quickly fell silent and died.

It was her weak lungs, they said. Some underlying health conditions, said another. No one really knows why she died so quickly. There was no time for an autopsy, not even a proper funeral. She was brought straight to the crematorium, leaving behind a weeping, crying, traumatized family.


Source: Corruption and spread of Covid-19 – The Manila Times

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